How to Save Water in the Garden

One of the most essential things that we do in the garden is watering. Most of the plants needs to be regularly watered. Especially when it’s hot and not raining. Giving plants enough amount of water has a huge impact on look of decorating plants and amount of fruits in the vegetable and fruit gardens. But let’s think how much water do we need to use for this purpose?
To water the grass in our garden we usually use 5 litres at meter square. When we water flowers, trees we use sometimes even 20 litres. And such usage will last from spring to autumn. If your garden has in example 300 metre square and you need in example 10 litres for one and we have 120 of watering days. If you count it you will get 360 000 litres of water.

Such amount brings not only a lot of money spent but also a huge waste to the environment. So it is a wise thing to save water. How we can do that when the plants must be watered? There are three simple things you can do.

1. Don’t use as much water as you do. To make less water waste while watering it is good to put a small part at the end of the garden that will spread water in smaller amounts and it gets to plants more directly. It’s worth to water plants in days without the wind or at the mornings. Less water will be wasted. We can also recommend containing raining water in the barrel and use it to water the plants.
2. Let the water to flow to the roots of the tree. When it comes to big trees (not flowers or grass) it is better to water them once in a while but in a bigger amount. If we do so it is more possible that water will soak into the soil and it will get to the roots of the tree. This way less water will be used and bigger effect will be achieved.
3. Limit the water that evaporates. We can water the garden in the evenings or really early in the morning when it is less possible that water won’t evaporate. If you put the litter on the surface of the soil it will also prevent evaporating water. If we decide to do such thing it is worth to make it in the spring when the soil is wet and if you get late with this and doing this during the summer it is better to do it after the watering.

Doing those simple things will make your water bills lower and help saving the environment. It is worth to try do something and make a change to our pockets and to the world..

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