Go Green With a Garden Shed Greenhouse

For avid gardeners or someone looking for a backyard project, a garden shed or greenhouse is a good idea. The most prominent benefit is the possibility for year-round gardening, regardless of the climate you live in. Combining the functions of a shed and a greenhouse gives space for storing gardening supplies and growing healthy flowers, vegetables and plants throughout the year. A backyard greenhouse, in addition to being functional, can be a stylish and attractive addition to your landscape. Gardeners usually make their own, or buy a pre-fabricated do-it-yourself kit. Read on to learn more about building a greenhouse in your backyard.

Greenhouse garden sheds can be nearly any size you desire. Most people find that 8′ x 10′ or 10′ x 12′ is plenty of room for their needs. However, pre-fabricated kits come as large as 16′ x 24′. The materials are readily available and generally economical to purchase and use. These include: aluminum, plastic, galvanized steel, and redwood or cedar for framing and glass or fiberglass for the siding. But remember, before you actually decide to begin with construction of your shed, carefully consider what you will use it for and your climate.

The orientation of the shed is important to plan before you build. You want to ensure that it will receive ample daylight but not too much hot, direct summer sun. Consider an east-west orientation with a solid west wall and a solid roof. This will give the greenhouse plenty of southern exposure for sunlight and heat gain, but help shield the plant from hot high and afternoon sun.

Material Choice and Construction
The best materials for your greenhouse depend largely on your local climate and what you will grow. Growing vegetables in a cold climate will generally require a well-built shed with double walled construction and materials with a higher insulating value. Starting seeds, on the other hand, can be done with a plastic frame and light siding.

Plan for shelves and plant stands you will want when selecting your greenhouse size. Portable shelving will give you the flexibility to make future changes. Also consider a worktable and additional shelves or a cabinet for storage. Remember that the inside should be a space that you will enjoy working in. Make sure that there is a comfortable amount of day lighting and room to move around. Some people choose to install operable windows for comfort while they are working.

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