How to Create a Hanging Garden of Tomatoes

Finding good tomatoes at the supermarket can sometimes be difficult. If you are someone who enjoys fresh tomatoes in salads, then searching the perfect tomatoes can be a burden. Fortunately, you can grow tomatoes in your garden or grow upside down tomatoes. Upside down tomato planter gardens are becoming very popular lately because they involve less work than the traditional gardening, which often requires digging and weeding.

If you are planning to grow upside down tomatoes, you will need at least 5-gallon buckets or containers with tight-fitting lid, moist soil that will fill up your buckets, tomato plants, drill, coffee filter/fabric/cheesecloth, heavy-duty string, or chain, and secure hanger.

Prepare the containers first by drilling a 2-inch diameter hole in the center of the lid and in the bottom of each bucket. Then, with the buckets in upright position, cover the bottom holes with a coffee filter. Fill them with moist soil. Tap the bucket to remove any air pockets. When you have finished filling the containers, cover the buckets with the lid.

Turn each bucket carefully then gently insert your tomato plant through the hole. Water your tomatoes and wait for about two weeks. You have to wait for at least two weeks before hanging the tomatoes upside down. This will allow the roots to fully develop and the plant to hold on to the soil.

While waiting, have some carpentry done in your yard to create hangers for your tomatoes. The hangers need to be sturdy since buckets with soil can be very heavy. After the second week, hang your plants on a sunny area. If you find your first batch of upside down tomato planters a success, plant another five in upside down planters until you have a hanging garden of tomatoes. You can also place your hanging tomato garden in the porch, balcony, fire escape, or inside a sunny window.
Growing you own tomato hanging garden is fun and easy. At the same time, you are sure that your garden will produce are generally fresher, juicier, and tastier. Start to grow tomatoes upside down now.

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