Monthly: April 2019

Common Enemies of the Rose Bush and How to Combat Them

Growing rose bushes and other colorful flora can be one of the most rewarding parts of gardening for pleasure. Roses in particular are among the most popular species of blooming flower among recreational gardeners. Unfortunately, human beings aren’t their sole admirers — roses face a large number of pests and disease obstructing their goal of

What is Economic Gardening?

Many of use have done some gardening at home. I built a couple of raised beds in the back yards a few years. Before they were built and especially after my wife and kids have been growing a number of items. It is important to know that the amount of vegetables that we get depend

Secret Benefits of Organic Food

Why should you eat organic food? For one thing if you have ever gone to the doctor, have they told you to watch what you eat? In other words have you been eating the right kinds and amounts of proper protein, fruit and vegetables? Unfortunately because of modern mass gardening or “Conventional” practices of growing

Growing Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena – A delightful citrus scent Aloysia triphylla, the Lemon Verbena, is a large tender shrub native to Argentina and Chile. It gets its common name from the lemony scent given off by the leaves when they are crushed or brushed against. Lemon Verbena belongs to a group of plants called “citrus mimics,” which,

Key Points to Success With Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Many people across the developed world are looking for new and rewarding ways to go green and avoid the pitfalls of modern food cultivation and supply. Organic gardening has become a popular method for ordinary people to grow their own vegetables, using only natural methods of fertilization and pest-control. Food grown in this way is

Types of Waste Bin Around the Home

We probably have one in each room of the house and yet very rarely give them a seconds thought but the humble waste bin is an important part of keeping our homes clean and tidy and without them we may find ourselves knee deep in rubbish before we know it. Yet the different types of

The Anatomy of Earthworms

With no appendages on their bodies, earthworms are some of the most interesting creatures that can be studied by scientists everywhere. It is very difficult to determine between the head and the tail of the earthworm at times simply because the structure of the earthworm’s body is such that it is not clearly evident, even

What is the Best Place For Growing Strawberries?

Strawberry plants are the favorite plants to develop by many gardeners. Strawberries are quite sweet and delightful fruits to eat and thus many of us like them. Furthermore they have various advantages to provide as they are low calorie food, considerably advantageous for those having to deal with diabetes, have low fat and are rich