The Anatomy of Earthworms

With no appendages on their bodies, earthworms are some of the most interesting creatures that can be studied by scientists everywhere. It is very difficult to determine between the head and the tail of the earthworm at times simply because the structure of the earthworm’s body is such that it is not clearly evident, even from close distances, which end is which.
There are many different variations that are characterized simply by the natural habitats that they dwell in. Many species can be found in large bodies of water, either freshwater or saltwater. Other forms are able to be observed on land where they usually gravitate towards dark, swampy areas that provide them with a lot of water to feed off of.

Earthworms have been known to feed off of land or soil many times, as is evident after a rainstorm when you can see the creatures on top of the soil feasting at the lush dirt that feeds their very existence. Some earthworms, however, also eat other small organisms that they have hunted and captured. Finally, there is a class that is highly parasitic, which creates an interesting distinction of what separates earthworms from other similar creatures.

The main reason why earthworms are so important to study and understand is because they are such an important element in the creation of topsoil. Topsoil is one the most essential elements to our well-being because it helps farmers produce the fruits and vegetable that we desire for survival as well as providing crops to feed to cows, pigs, and chickens to supply us with other foodstuffs.

If you have ever seen an earthworm cast laying around in your yard, you might want to begin collecting them, as they are the most effective means for the production of healthy topsoil that one can find.

The main reason why earthworms are so good for the soil is because rain and other precipitate help bring earthworms to the surface level of the ground. It is there that an earthworm really does its job, both by bringing along well-buried nutrients in the soil as well as helping to consume a large amount of the organic matter that is necessary to have proper plant growth.
It is when earthworms are no longer alive that there bodies provide essential food to the soils of the Earth that allow us to have strong and healthy crops year after years. They are a very important element of our being, as they make it possible for us to get the nutrients we need from the foods we love.

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