Types of Waste Bin Around the Home

We probably have one in each room of the house and yet very rarely give them a seconds thought but the humble waste bin is an important part of keeping our homes clean and tidy and without them we may find ourselves knee deep in rubbish before we know it.

Yet the different types of rubbish bin used around the home are quite numerous as each of them has to work in a different environment. Waste bins are far more than just receptacles for rubbish a lot more thought goes into them than that.

Take the external waste bin, often called the dustbin or garbage can. These have to be large enough to hold an entire household’s waste for a week or in some locales – two weeks.

External bins therefore have to obtain certain criteria to function. If waste is to sit in them all week then they need to have a good string lid that will not only keep the smells in but prevent vermin from entering These make it a lot easier for refuse collectors to transport them from the front of our homes to the rubbish collection vehicle.

Many of us are now recycle much of our rubbish which probably means not only do we have an external bin for our household waste but also we have recycling bins for different types of recyclable rubbish..

Many kitchens are now accompanied with multi-section colour coded recycling bins. Like regular kitchen bins they have to have a good lid too to prevent smells from leaking out and making the kitchen stink.

There are others around the home have too and they have different functionality. The one in the living room needs to be more stylish than regular bins (as we do have to look at them every day) and designer bins are now common.

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