Secret Benefits of Organic Food

Why should you eat organic food? For one thing if you have ever gone to the doctor, have they told you to watch what you eat? In other words have you been eating the right kinds and amounts of proper protein, fruit and vegetables? Unfortunately because of modern mass gardening or “Conventional” practices of growing vegetables and even livestock many of these inherently “good for you” foods secretly contain harmful chemicals, hormones and pesticides just to name a few.

Therefore, just plain ordinary, common sense tells you that perhaps, just perhaps, you should switch your veggies and dairy items to organically grown products. Furthermore for those of you who eat meat, find organic and hormone free meat products.

Another reason is simply because most of these have been treated with pesticides as well as hormones not to mentioned antibiotics, and, still others are genetically modified. Many Conventional Farmers have used methods that include chemicals, hormones and fertilizers to make their livestock bigger, and their veggies more prolific. Sadly some may even know that these chemically laced foods if ingested are a danger to health.

That is why it is so important that you take back the control of what you and your loved ones eat. Organically grown food is not magic, mystical or anything even fancy. All it takes is a little planning, fertile soil, sunlight, water and some good compost for veggies and fruit; and organically fed, cage free livestock to make it all work. It is something many can grow themselves or buy from local organic farmers. It’s another way to take back control and have victory over what you eat.

Even more evidence of the benefits of organic food comes from Professor Carlo Leifert, & his team, based at the university’s Tesco center for organic agriculture whose four-year study showed that “organic fruit and vegetables contained up to 40% more antioxidants than non-organic varieties,” and he said that… “Larger differences were found in milk, with organic varieties containing more than 60% more antioxidants and healthy fatty acids…” (Source: Oct 29, 2007 Organics Science News)
Keep another advantage in mind; you will probably enjoy these veggies even more because organically grown vegetables taste much better.

These properly grown veggies can make your body feel better too, merely because they have more nutrients in them, thus making them more satisfying to you and your body.

Nutrients, what do you mean you ask? It is widely known that the organic growing of vegetables and livestock restores the sustainability of our soil. Also known is conventional methods that use chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones to make their products look better and grow faster, eradicate essential vitamins and nutrients from the soil. This in turn makes whatever is grown in that depleted soil deficient also. What this means is you are not getting the “required daily allowance” that your body needs. In short, because of the conventional methods of growing non-organically you most likely are eating nutrient deprived veggies and meat. This has been linked to people overeating and obesity.

Here is another plus, by eating organic vegetables and food you are actually helping the environment. How? When farmers use organic methods on the land they farm, they employ proper cultivation, proper use, and crop rotations that reinforce nutrients into that soil making it sustainable and therefore farmable by the next generation. So when you grow or buy organic foods you are helping yourself and the environment to be more sustainable for the future.

Don’t be surprised when you go to the supermarket, if the price of organically grown veggies and other products are more expensive than those conventionally grown. This is another good reason to grow your own Victory Garden if possible.
Let’s face it when it comes to your health, buying quantity foods for less instead of quality organic foods, just doesn’t pay. The toll of eating potentially tainted food, for you and those you love is just too high.
Do you honestly believe you should always buy something just because it is cheaper? Frankly, in the case of food, the answer must be no! You can’t put a price on the lives of those who eat it. Don’t wait until someone you know and love gets sick, do something now and go organic.

You have possibly noticed some of the prices of organic items are beginning to lower. Why? More and more farmers are growing organic and even many large supermarkets have added organic, hormone free products as a staple for this growing market. Hopefully soon Organic food will become an industry standard and prices will come down.

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